Wider Gathering of Conservative Friends 2010
Stillwater Meeting, Barnesville, OH Stillwater Meeting, Barnesville, OH Stillwater Meeting, Barnesville, OH Stillwater Meeting, Barnesville, OH

2010 Gathering of Conservative Friends

All who are of like mind are invited to join us in worship and fellowship

Please share with your meeting and others of like mind.

Dear Friends,
   Like the manna given to the Israelites in the desert our connection to God must be renewed daily. I suspect you know and practice this renewal. Yet we all desire an even closer walk with Jesus. We long for a larger portion of that peace and wisdom that comes from obedience to Christ's nudgings. I pray that each forward step we take is in His light, looking neither to the right nor to the left. Ohio Yearly Meeting has planned a general gathering of Conservative Friends and those of like mind to be held at the Stillwater Meeting House in Barnesville, Ohio, Sixth Month 25 - 27, 2010.

   An ever-widening circle of like-minded Friends has been reaching out to us and to one another. Many experience only the virtual internet fellowship without the experience of intimate group dynamic, under the Power of Christ Jesus. Conservative Friend's gatherings provide opportunities for these Friends to worship and fellowship with a larger body of like-minded believers.

   There are also small Meetings For Worship that God has raised up in various places. These Meetings can benefit from as well as give depth to the worship and fellowship of a group gathering.

   We also welcome those conservative Friends who have committed a lifetime to the nurture and care of meetings that wait in worship under the Name of Jesus. These Friends contribute to the stability of our gatherings. They also gather energy and encouragement from new believers.

            On behalf of the Wider Fellowship of Conservative Friends,
            Sixth Month 25th through 27th, 2010 Gathering of Conservative Friends

Please send reservations to Nancy Hawkins at nanquaker@aol.com or 5190 Kirk Road, Columbiana, OH 44408

Please bring your own linens and towels if you plan to stay at the Boarding School.

6/25/10 Sixth Day

  •    6:00 pm Supper
  •    7:30 pm Opening worship, followed by introductions

6/26/10 Seventh Day

  •    8:00 am Breakfast
  •    9:30 am Bible reading
  •    10:30 am Worship
  •    12:00 pm Lunch
  •    2:30 pm Worship
  •    (3:30 pm group photo)
  •    3:30-5:00 Refreshments and a time to share about the work of God in our lives and communities
  •    6:00 pm Supper
  •    7:30 pm A time for sharing concerns, if any have arisen; following this, we will settle into worship

6/27/10 First Day

  •    8:00 am Breakfast
  •    9:30 am Bible reading
  •    10:30 am Worship with Stillwater Friends
  •    12:00 pm Lunch and farewells

Registration for Gathering of Conservative Friends

Friends may arrive any time after noon on the 25th and find their accommodations. The evening meal will be served at 6 o'clock in the ground floor dining room, main building at Olney Friends School. This will be followed by worship at 7:30 in Stillwater Meeting House.

Below are charges for meals and overnight, however thee may ask for financial help

Fees for Meals

  • Breakfast   Adults $5   Children 4-12 $4   under age 4 no charge
  • Lunch   Adults $7.50   Children 4-12 $5   under age 4 no charge
  • Supper   Adults $7.50   Children 4-12 $5   under age 4 no charge

Fees for Lodgings

Dormitory Rooms (bring your own linens) $10
Guest House Rooms $35 single or $45 double occupancy
Camping near Stillwater Meeting w/bathrooms (paid to Stillwater Meeting)
  •       Tent camping $8
  •       RV without water or power $8
  •       RV site with water & power $10
What is the time you plan to arrive?
How many people & their names?

Please indicate dates you would like overnight accommodation and what meals you expect to eat in school dining area. Reservations for meals need to be made at least 10 days prior to the weekend gathering. If thee wants to eat in the dining room thy reservation must be in by 6/11/10
  • supper 6/25 _______
  • breakfast 6/26 _______ Lunch 6/26 _______ supper 6/26 _______
  • breakfast 6/27 _______ lunch 6/27 _______

    do you plan to stay in dorms?_______ or camp?_________ stay in Guest House?________

    or find other accommodations?___________

    will you need child care?_________________

    Please mail registration to: Nancy Hawkins, 5190 Kirk Road, Columbiana, OH 44408

    Or call 330-429-5686 or email nanquaker@aol.com

    "Therefore let not the mind go from God; for if it do it will be stained, venomed, and corrupted. If the mind go forth [away] from the Lord, it is hard to bring it in again: therefore take heed of the enemy, and keep in the faith of Christ. Therefore mind that which is eternal and invisible and him who is the creator and mover of all things: for the things that are made are not made of things that appear; for the visible covereth the invisible sight in you. But as the Lord who is invisible, doth open you by his invisible power and spirit and brings down the carnal mind in you; so the invisible and immortal things are brought to light in you. Therefore you that know the light, walk in the light! For there are children of darkness that will talk of the light and of the truth, yet not walk in it; . . . the children of light love the light and walk in the light. . . . the children of darkness walk in darkness and hate the light. In them the earthly lusts and carnal mind choke the seed of faith, which bringeth oppression on the seed, and death over themselves. Therefore, mind the pure spirit of the everlasting God, which judgeth the evil. To thee O God, be all glory and honor, who art Lord of all visibles and invisibles."
    The Works of George Fox, Journal I, Volume 1, pg 14
  • Wider Gathering of Conservative Friends 2010
    Wider Gathering of Conservative Friends 2010
    Wider Gathering of Conservative Friends 2010
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