Quaker spirituality plain speech witness

Quaker Testimonies on the Plain Language Witness

Quaker Spirituality and the Use of Plain Speech

  • Excerpt on Peculiar Customs of Quakers - Chapter Three - Language from Thomas Clarkson's A Portraiture of Quakerism, Volume I (pdf)
  • No Need to be Ashamed of the Plain Language by Kenneth Morse
  • Elizabeth Stirredge's exhortation to her children to adhere to plain speech and plain dress.
  • No. 12. Worldly Customs by Kenneth Morse
  • "Thee and Thou"
  • A Letter to the Truly Concerned by Kenneth Morse

Elizabeth Gurney Fry, Quaker humanitarian (1780-1845)
I used to think and do now how little dress matters. But I find it almost impossible to keep to the principles of Friends without altering my dress and speech. . . . They appear to me a sort of protector to the principles of Christianity in the present state of the world.
Quaker spirituality plain speech witness
Quaker spirituality plain speech witness
Quaker spirituality plain speech witness
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Epistle 76

"Live in the Still Life"

OH, all Friends, in the unchangable Life and Power and Seed of God live, and be out of the Low, Earthly, Changable Spirit of the World, which is given up to Changing and Tossing, and Tempest and Waves, by which Durt is cast up. Oh! therefore the Life and Power of God and his Seed live in, which never changeth, by which everyone may stand in the Power of God and in his Life and Wisdom, through which ye may all live. And stand stedfast in the Unchangable Life and Seed of God, which was before all Changings ...

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