plain dress Quakers early 20th century examples

Plain-dressing Quakers from the Early Twentieth Century and Mid-1800s

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Thanks to Friend Patrick Burns for giving me copies of the original photographs in his possession.
Thanks to Friend Seth Hinshaw for sending me the photo of the Fritchley Friends.
Thanks to reader Andrea for the photo of Oskaloosa Friends.

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Oskaloosa (Iowa) Friends circa 1860-64.
Ida Chamness, Quaker Minister, 1927 Ida Chamness and Kenneth Morse, Quaker Ministers, 1944
Ida Chamness (1867-1952) in 1927, photo taken in Finland on her 60th birthday. Ida Chamness and Kenneth Morse, 9th day of Eighth Month 1944 in Barnesville, OH.
Elizabeth Hartley (left) and Anna Livezey Hall (center) Elizabeth Hartley, Plain Quaker
Elizabeth Hartley (left) and Anna Livezey Hall (center). Photograph circa 1920s. Elizabeth is in 20's plain, while Anna is wearing the older plain style. Anna's cap is an "English Crown" style cap. The unknown woman on the right is wearing the modern, non-plain fashion. Elizabeth Hartley in 1966.
Plain Quakers, 1937 Mabel Edgerton Hall, plain Quaker, 1966
From the left, Mabel Edgerton Hall, Anna V. Edgerton, Mildred E. Hall (mother of Lillian Doudna), Nannie G. Newlin, Edgar McGrew, Bertha E. McGrew, Harvey Newlin, Clara Hall Vail (daughter of Mabel Hall). Taken in 1937 in front of Harvey Newlin's house—Edgar McGrew's car is in the background. Mabel Edgerton Hall in Eighth Month, 1962.
Plain Quakers, Poplar Ridge, NY Hepsibeth Hussey, Quaker Minister, Poplar Ridge, NY
Photo taken on Persis Hallock's steps, Poplar Ridge, NY. About 1905. Back Row: Freelove Pyle (nee Owen); Sarah Hallock, sister of Persis; and George Wood. Front Row: Charlotte Hussey, Sarah Wood, Persis Hallock, and Marianne and Edward Wood. Hepsibeth Hussey, recorded Minister, Poplar Ridge, NY.
Ohio Yearly Meeting (Conservative) 1908 Arch Street Meetinghouse Yearly Meeting Week 1900
Ohio Yearly Meeting, 1908. Walking from the school to the meetinghouse. One plain-dressed young woman is obvious among those in more worldly attire. Arch Street Meeting, Philadelphia. Fifth-day morning of Yearly Meeting Week, 19th of Fourth Month 1900.
Quaker Meeting 1949 Anna and Thomas Fisher, plain Quakers
Stillwater Monthly Meeting held at Richland Meetinghouse, 1949. Anna and Thomas Fisher in London early 20th century.
Plain Friends from Fritchley England 1905 L. Alfred Copeland and R. William Stanley, Quakers
Friends from Fritchley, England 1905. Photo from Stillwater Meeting Archives. L. Alfred Copeland, elder, and R. William Stanley, minister, 1929.
plain dress Quakers early 20th century examples
plain dress Quakers early 20th century examples
plain dress Quakers early 20th century examples
plain dress
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